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Learn Ember.js through a series of chapters tightly narrated by the natural progression of building a real-life web application.

Last update: September 30, 2016 (Ember 2.8 ready)

I want to learn Ember.js!

I’ve read many Ember.js books but yours is a refreshing departure from the norm with a well thought out flow through it.

'Toye Akande

Technology & Software Professional

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Format: PDF / 145 pages

Ember.js continues to be an antidote to the insane front-end ecosystem.

Let this book convince you it's worth building your next rich web application with Ember.js!

What You'll Get

This book will help you get ready to start tackling advanced and complex Ember projects out in the wild.

The Ember way
While going through logically sequnced chapters narrated by the natural progression of building a real-life web application, you'll learn all about the Ember's concepts and structures that are used in every Ember application.
Build a real product
We're building a simple expense tracking application with a great authentication mechanism, which you can re-use to jump-start your next ambitious web app.
Tips and tricks
This book is filled with helpful advice, production tips, insights on Ember's future developments, common mistakes, what-ifs, and links to credible up-to-date resources.
Full-stack code
You'll get a fully configured back-end API written in Ruby on Rails providing OAuth2 authentication and JSON API. For your convenience, there is also a deployed cloud API available.

Just wanted to let you know that your book helped and continues to help me a lot. I love how you go into detail about how one could go about doing something incorrectly then provide steps on how to solve those problems. The book’s knowledge assisted the development of a school district’s portal which gets hundreds of thousands of hits.

Kyle Kashuba

Co-Owner of Pondre, LLC

Tired of insane JavaScript madness and dealing with build tools and configurations that don't really matter in the whole scheme of things?

With Ember.js we've reached a plateau and finally found the right way to do web applications.

Want to see what we'll build in this book? Take the end product for a spin:

See the application we'll be building

What I like the most in the book is the excellent ratio of text, pictures and code which all together gives a great overview of Ember.js. Definitely recommended.

Blaž Peruš

Founder at Soundhitectures


The book is continuously updated when Ember ships new features. Every reader will get an updated version once it is published.

1 About this book

  • Objective
  • Whom is it for
  • How is it different from other books
  • 5 things you need to know before starting with Ember

2 Environment, tools and prerequisites

  • Ember CLI
  • Dependency management
  • Initializing the application
  • Ember Inspector
  • ES6, modules, the resolver
  • Add-ons
  • Sass

3 Introduction to Ember concepts

  • Router
  • Routes
  • Controllers
  • I heard controllers are deprecated
  • Services
  • Templates
  • The DDAU principle
  • Routing example
  • Outlets
  • Action bubbling

4 Prototyping and laying down the structure

  • Login, signup and dashboard routes
  • Login, signup and dashboard templates
  • Inspecting routes hierarchy with Ember Inspector

5 Connecting to the back-end

  • Using the provided back-end API
  • environment.js
  • Store
  • Models
  • Adapters and JSON API
  • Serializers

6 Users and authentication

  • Signup
  • Login
  • Ember Simple Auth
  • Securing restricted routes
  • Signout
  • Login after signup
  • Fetch user data
  • Authenticated AJAX requests

7 Fetching and displaying model data

  • Route model hook
  • Fetching multiple models
  • Difference between route model and DS.Model
  • Listing incomes and expenses in the overview
  • Making a money formatting helper
  • Computed properties
  • Reuse code with mixins
  • Binding properties to sidebar, overview, lists
  • Switching time periods with query parameters

8 Components

  • I heard about routable components
  • Refactoring dashboard elements to components
  • Closure actions
  • Block form components
  • Customizing component's element

9 CRUD operations

  • Adding and saving balance changes
  • Back-end validations
  • Front-end validations
  • Deleting records
  • Editing and dynamic segment routes
  • User settings

10 Visualisations and animations

  • Progress bars
  • Chart and including 3rd party libraries
  • Animating transitions with liquid-fire

11 Deploying

  • Hosting providers
  • Your own server
  • Ember-cli-deploy

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Matic Jurglič is computer person who specializes in implementing avant-garde internet applications. Worked and continues to work on a variety of Ember applications and add-ons. Interested in web development, people and fine arts. Just wants people to learn Ember.js.

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